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Why Live Streaming is Important to Your Content Strategy

Why Live Streaming is Important to Your Content Strategy

Digital marketing is continually changing, which is why your content marketing strategy should also continually evolve.  To stay current and ensure you’re reaching as many potential customers as possible, consider adding live streaming to your business content strategy.

Why Live Streaming for Business

In today’s world, video has become the dominant consumable content.  Take your marketing content strategy one step further and reach more consumers by adding live streaming to the mix.

Why?  Well simply put, live streaming allows your business to find and interact with your most passionate customers in a way no other content can.  Secondarily, it offers another avenue for advertising (while not as direct as traditional advertising).

According to a report from Marketing Charts and Brandlive, communication and authenticity appear to be at the heart of live streaming video’s potential benefits to companies. Based on a survey of more than 200 brands, the benefits were identified as:

  • 79 percent feel live streaming offers a more authentic interaction with their audience
  • 63 percent feel it brings a more human element to digital marketing
  • 61 percent feel it’s beneficial to create a library of video content that can be viewed or re-purposed later
  • 60 percent feel there is a huge benefit to learning from the real-time audience feedback

How to Live Stream for Business

Wondering where to get started?  Here are the five steps to help get you into the live streaming game:

  1. Choose your topic —- Define what you will focus on and showcase.  Make sure it’s something the consumer will find interesting.
  2. Choose your format — Decide if you’ll do a panel or just you speaking.  Will you discuss a product, give a demonstration, or tour your business?  You will also need to settle on who will be your presenter (not everyone is cut out to be in front of the camera).
  3. Create your graphics — You will need graphics to use throughout the stream such as an avatar, standby graphics, banners, and graphics to relay information with throughout the stream.
  4. Select your moderator — This person will help direct and stream and will manage the comments and postings throughout the broadcast.
  5. Select your platform — There are tons of live stream platforms to choose from, so do your research and select the one that makes the most sense to you based on usability and ability to help you reach your target audience.

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to define your schedule and officially add live streaming to your marketing content strategy.

Do you have questions on how to incorporate live streaming or need to secure resources to assist your venture?  Contact SBOS Web Solutions and let us help get you on the path to live streaming for business success!



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