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The Rainbow Connection: How Colors Can Help You Get The Right Clients

The Rainbow Connection: How Colors Can Help You Get The Right Clients

Did you know that 85% of consumers made a purchasing choice based on the colors used by a brand? And 52% of them will not return if they don’t like the color scheme? Considering that over 2/3rds of split-second judgments are based on color, the right or wrong color choices could be the difference in capturing a new sales lead. So, are you sending the right messages to your website visitors?

The right use of color will lead your prospects to connect with your brand and seek to do business with you. The first question to ask is what emotions you want people to feel when they are dealing with your brand. Do you want them to see you as a partner, whom they can grow with? Or do you want them to see you as the expert, and not to be questioned? Are your products meant to help them relax or grow? 

Here are a few color considerations when making your website:

  • According to the experts, blue, black and gray are the colors to choose when your brand is based on trust, authority, and expertise. Banks often use a lot of blues to inspire trust in their branding. Be careful not to use too much black or gray, however, as it can be overwhelming and dreary. 
  • If you are a brand of action, with a desire to capture quick sales and clients who are inspired to take action, considering using red and yellow. These colors create a sense of urgency in the viewer and are popular with companies that rely on fast service for their products. Brands like McDonald’s use these colors because they appeal to adults and kids who are hungry. 
  • Are you focused on home and health? Choose green for your website. Green is a relaxing color and offers a sense of the natural. It’s also a color of growth and wealth, which means it could work very well on personal growth based platforms. Starbucks uses green to let people know that they can stop into their stores and find a few moments of peace in their busy days. 
  • Spiritually and creatively minded companies should consider purple. Long associated with wisdom and religion, it fosters space for inquiry and conversation. Make sure you are using the right shade of purple, as too light a shade can be too feminine for some audiences. 

Once you’ve decided on the best colors for your website, how do you use them? Use the brightest of the colors, or one that complements and contrasts, to point to important information or places you want them to take action. For example, if you want people to request a free consultation with you, then that form or link should be in a bright, eye-catching color. Softer colors or shades can be used as background or frames to reinforce the feelings you want your website visitors to have.

Understanding how the small details affect use is just one step in fine-tuning your website design for increasing sales. Do you have more questions? We are here to help.

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