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The Big Secret to Online Marketing

Ever wonder why some businesses are hugely successful with online marketing and others aren’t? So many people spend time and money on books, tapes, and seminars trying to discover the secret. Want to know the secret? We are here to share it all (no magic handshake or Guardian’s Oath required to obtain the information)!   …

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Social Media Marketing Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Businesses know they “need to be on social media” but what many don’t understand is what impact social media marketing has on the bottom line of their business. With the concept of ROI being so deeply rooted in the theory of customer acquisition or direct revenue generation, explaining that the measurement of social media marketing isn’t …

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Demystifying Social Media Managers

You’ve seen them around the office….social media managers.  You know who they are — those mythical beasts that appear to be surfing and giggling all day.  But do you know what they’re actually do over there behind their laptop screens and why the magic that they perform makes them so vital to the success of …

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