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Six Ways to Use Communities to Promote Your Products

Six Ways to Use Communities to Promote Your Products

Using communities to promote your products is by far one of the most effective ways to increase your revenue and loyalty to your brand. Sharing products within your community, or similar ones as an affiliate, is successful because the people within these groups are already interested and likely looking to purchase.

However, just because you share the products doesn’t mean it will automatically be successful. Sometimes you need to think creatively to promote your products without being so direct. Over promotion or creating content that looks too much like normal advertisements won’t get you anywhere. In fact, that will likely turn your audience away.

The following are six ways to use your brand community to promote your products and services more successfully:

Run a Giveaway

This is an effective way to just get the word out about your products without having to spend money on an advertisement or even a sales page. Hosting a giveaway can be a great email list-building tool and a way to get your products in the hands of more people.

The entry can consist of their email address and name or whatever information you decide. You can make use of this information later using email marketing software like Aweber, Mailerlite, or ConvertKit.

Be sure to keep it simple, but every single time you promote the contest that also promotes your business. The people who enter the giveaway have a chance to see what else you have to offer. Once they enter, they are now on your email list too.

Then when someone wins, promote the winner too, and again, this gives you a chance to go over what the product is and why it’s so great. You can then take this chance to give everyone who submitted a coupon and then everyone who is currently reading, a different coupon to buy your product.

Host a Contest

You can run the contest a lot like the giveaway in terms of the technology you use. You just need to make a form using a form maker like Google Forms, Gravity Forms, or even Acuity Scheduling. The concept is much the same, but you’re asking for something more than email addresses to participate this time.

The prize you offer should always be one of your products, services, or an affiliate’s products and or services so that each time you promote the contest, you are also promoting the product or service.

The other way to host a contest is with a required entry fee. For example, let’s say you’re an art teacher and your main product is courses for doing art in some way. You may want to offer your students a chance to win prizes that you can either buy with the fees collected or that you can ask vendors to sponsor, or you can pay for yourself. The press you get from promoting the contest, and the participants and winners will be worth it.

Hire Someone

One way to keep your community hopping is to hire people to work in the community. For example, you can hire a VA who will run your contests, promote your products, and drive engagement on your behalf. Outsourcing and reducing your workload will help you earn more money by freeing you to create more products and services and participate in engagement more.

Develop an Affiliate Program

If you have even one product, especially if it’s digital, consider having an affiliate program. When you set this up, you can promote all your products and services individually, or just some of them, or just the membership community itself. Again, it’s up to you, but having this type of system will increase revenue exponentially, even if it’s only used as a referral system for your members.

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

Use your group and the discussion boards you create to ask for feedback and reviews on your products and services that you can use on your sales pages, in promotions, and more. If you sell your products anywhere outside your group, you can even use the group to point out all the places you sell them, so they will feel free to give you reviews on those other platforms, too, where permitted.

Run a Live Demo or How-To-Presentation

A really fun way to use your brand community is to “go live” on Facebook or Instagram (or both!) to demonstrate your product, talk about an issue, or give a how-to presentation on using something you sell or are promoting as an affiliate. People love participating in live events, even if they’re unplanned and last minute. The good news is that they are recorded and can be enjoyed and repurposed at any time.

If you plan to build a community or use other communities to share your products, you need to create content that doesn’t feel too pushy or promotional. The more you understand your target audience, get them involved, and provide real value, the more revenue you gain. With these six selling techniques, you can be sure that your promotions work every time

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