New Premium WordPress Theme, "Split" from Themify released a new premium WordPress theme this week called “Split”. It looks pretty nice from the demo. It provides a sort of side-by-side, cut the screen in half, scrolling theme. They have several demos of different industries you can check out. There are times when a premium theme just makes sense in your WordPress installation. It definitely cuts down on development time. On the downside, you are stuck (unless you want to dig in the code, which defeats the whole purpose of using a premium theme….) with the features and functionality that the creator put into the them.

So how about this premium WordPress theme?

Working with a premium WordPress theme is very common these days. There are so many themes in the marketplace these days that give you a great starting point. You just have to do your research and make sure you are getting what you want in a premium WordPress theme when pick one out. Some premium themes are fantastic and some are….well, horrible might not be a strong enough phrase. Regardless, I like most of the stuff puts out. Their back end is reasonable to use and it has some pretty good drag-and-drop modules. For the most part I find their premium WordPress themes easy to customize and they seem to play fine with others. One downside I find with their themes, and many others, it can be difficult to get them to score really well on the Google Insights tool. You have to be really careful with image sizes and use a caching plugin to get peak performance out of them. Frankly, these are good things to do anyway, I just find I have to tinker with their themes a little more.

As far as this particular theme goes, from the looks of it, I like it. I think the whole split screen thing in a premium wordpress theme is a good way to go for some industries. I like the layout and there are plenty of internal page layouts to choose from. I could see using this for a sweet photography portfolio or a restaurant. They also show an example for an ecommerce shop. I’m not completely sold on that idea. There are a lot of really great premium WordPress themes that make beautiful shop sites. I think this theme might limit your initial view of the products too much at first. It could be neat for a small boutique shop or an online retailer with a smaller product variance. But for a really large ecommerce site I’ve worked with several other premium WordPress themes, along with WooCommerce, that turned into some really beautiful online shops.

Head over to and check it out. If you like this theme and think your business would benefit from using it, give us a call and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

In the meantime, what do you think of the split screen trend? Here to stay or gone tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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