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10 Podcasts for Commuting Fun

10 Podcasts for Commuting Fun

Commuting to work can be a drag if there is no good people watching to be had.  To help make the time pass a bit more quickly and even give you the opportunity to learn a thing or two, here are ten podcasts we think are totally worth checking out during your commute to work.

  1. Fresh Air by NRP
  2. Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  3. Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. How to Build the Future by Y Combinator
  5. Accidental Creative: Helping People do Brilliant Things
  6. The Gist by Mike Pesca and Slate
  7. Ted Talks Daily
  8. Spontaneanation with Paul F. Thompkins
  9. Good Job, Brain!: Quiz Show and Offbeat Trivia
  10. The Memory Palace by Nate Di Meo


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