Pinterest Marketing: Lens, Instant Ideas & Shop the Look-New Opportunities

Pinterest Marketing: Lens, Instant Ideas & Shop the Look-New Opportunities

Businesses taking advantage of Pinterest marketing tools should get pretty excited about some new innovations coming to the app near you.

This week Pinterest announced several improvements soon to be launched (or launched this week)in their app: Lens, Instant Ideas and Shop the Look.


With Lens, users will be able to point the in-app camera at an item in the real world and viola’! a variety of ways to search for similar styles or suggestions.

This feature is still in beta and according to the blog but it will be available to users of both iOS and Android in the coming weeks. As more recognized items are added and users begin to use it, this presents an excellent opportunity for additional ways to use Pinterest marketing to reach consumers. With the snap of one of your items on the street or in a friend’s home, you open your business up to a completely new opportunity. No doubt this will begin to give business users of Pinterest new insights into just who their consumers are and who they might be missing in their marketing efforts.

Instant Ideas

Pinterest Instant Ideas is available now. This feature will customize a user’s feed even more by allowing them to click on a white circle in the lower right corner of a pin and open up additional related items.

When you notice an idea that looks interesting, just tap the circle that appears on each Pin to instantly unlock related ideas. Circle a clawfoot bathtub to see similar tub ideas, or an asparagus dish for more recipes.

I like this feature. From a marketing perspective, I’m guessing this will provide additional exposure, but from a user perspective, it’s an excellent idea. The folks browsing Pinterest might like a clawfoot tub, but maybe they would like to see additional brands or styles. Giving users another way to view similar ideas can only open up exposure for businesses using this platform as one of their marketing tools.

Shop the Look

This is another feature that is also working right now. When a Pinterest users finds a look they like in fashion or home decor, they click the pin, tap on the blue circles that appear and instantly find the item. A really nifty feature, you can buy directly from the pin, either through Pinterest or the manufacturer’s site. Right now it looks like they have partnered with specific sites and retailers, but in the future I would look for them to open this up even more.


I’m excited to see these new tools for users and businesses who use Pinterest as part of their overall marketing plan. I believe there will be plenty of opportunity as this space becomes familiar to marketers and we can use insights to market and re-market to our target customers. Shops that have physical goods to sell definitely need to use the Pinterest marketing tools available to you-increase your exposure, up your sales!

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