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Mobile UI Design – FloraZoom



Date: 2-2018
Product Type: Mobile App UI
Duration: 5 months
Deliverable: User Study, Style Guide, User Flow, Wireframes, Mobile App UI, Marketing & Branding.

FloraZoom is a new startup positioning themselves as a floral delivery facilitator, designed as mobile-first from the ground up. Because most of the competitors in this space started out as websites, they didn’t have a purely mobile focus. FloraZoom sees this as an opportunity to enter the space catering to mobile users as their main clientele.


The team had to figure out how we would differentiate FloraZoom from the competition, much of it long established. Finding the ideal users and what they demanded most from an app like this was also important. We worked closely with our client, determining their initial goals and long-term view.


FloraZoom also needed a good marketing plan. How to get in front of users and then, how to retain them as customers. Using results from the initial discovery phase, the team devised a comprehensive marketing campaign to get this app in front of their desired target audience.


The original spec also called for the team to come up with a style guide and design system that will be used by their internal team.

Style Tile@2x

We provided them with this style tile selecting fresh, vibrant colors in keeping with the feeling you want when ordering a fresh flower delivery. We also selected very thin line icons and a lightweight font to keep the app modern and timeless.