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How to Use Images to Skyrocket Your Social Media Results

How to Use Images to Skyrocket Your Social Media Results

Knowing that users respond to visual information better than text-based information, it’s no surprise that this week we want to talk about how to use images to amp up your social media game.

Did you know that the human brain can recognize a familiar object in only 100 milliseconds?  It’s true! A large part of the human brain is focused on visual processing, which allows us to process images at an incredible speed. So, while content is still King, complete your Royal Social Media Court with a Queen to help make an impact!

Images Grab Attention

Social media is a crowded space, so if you want to grab the attention of your target audience, use images that stand out.  Images convey a story almost instantly and can connect with your social media audience faster than just text-based content.

Go for something that explains what your content, blog, or ad is about in a single glance.  Select images that are eye-catching, are out of the ordinary and are fun.

Want to kick it up a notch?  Consider making a meme out of your image.  Memes are a fun way to grab the attention of your audience and, if they are funny, are likely to be shared.

Vary Your Images

One way to continually grab the attention of your audience is to mix up your image style.  Stock images are a great source to pull from but consider taking some of your own photos too.

No, you Kardashian wannabes, we aren’t asking you to break out your selfie stick — this is about your audience and not you.

Stage shots using products or featuring your staff.  Or compile multiple images into a creative unique, fun, and one-of-a-kind image.  This will help to relay your company’s personality and will stand out from others in your industry.

Images Help to be Remembered

Studies have shown that people typically only remember 10 percent of what they hear, but will remember 65 percent of the content they read when it’s paired with an image after a 72-hour period has passed. Need more specific examples?

With that fact in mind, it should be a no-brainer about why you want to add images to every piece of social media content you create for your business.

Along those lines, keep a visual identity across all platforms so that your message, and brand awareness, remain consistent.  If a potential customer sees your social media images on Facebook and is drawn to it, but then checks out your company on Instagram and finds it to be vastly different, they will have a disjointed experience and understanding about your brand.

Need a bit of advice on how to get started bringing in images into your social strategy?  Contact SBOS Web Solutions and we’ll help you create a strategy that will leave a lasting impression with your target audience.



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