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How to Rock LinkedIn for Business

How to Rock LinkedIn for Business

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a great resource for making connections and growing your business.  What people don’t really understand, though, is how to do it successfully.

LinkedIn operates a little differently than the traditional B2C social platforms, so your marketing strategy needs to adjust a bit.  No matter if you’re there to build leads or brand awareness, marketing on LinkedIn can be a huge boost to sales if done correctly.

Here are few tips to help you optimize your marketing efforts on LinkedIn!

Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn ProfilesIt may sound obvious, but the first thing you need to do is complete your profile and then create your business page.  You should complete both fully.

Your personal profile is important because it will be linked to your business page.  Prospects will be able to see you, and everyone else from your company that’s connected, from your company page.  This is why complete information is important as it helps to paint the full picture of the company and culture.

Once your company page is complete, it’s time to optimize it!  A well-optimized company page can be found by search engines on and off LinkedIn, so it’s worth the extra effort.  Here are three ways you can optimize your page:

  • Incorporate keywords into your company profile information.
  • Create links to your company page from your website, blog, and other social channels.
  • Share relevant content, whether you write it or you simply curate it, every day.

Next, you want to establish your initial group of followers.  Start with your biggest advocates, your employees.  Invite your clients and business associates to follow your page as well.  Finally, add a ‘follow’ button on your website.

Try and publish content on a consistent basis.  The same way your blog helps your website’s search rankings, posting content on your company page will also impact your LinkedIn search rankings.  Create content that shows thought leadership or insights on industry trends.  Add images and videos to your content because, even though it’s for business, you should still make it fun and engaging for the reader.

To increase your reach and grow your followers, you can sponsor your posts and create LinkedIn ads.  Just as with similar social platforms, you’ll be able to narrow and target your audience.

Alrighty, those are the basics for creating a company profile that will stand-out and rock on LinkedIn!  If you still have questions or need a little additional support, give us a call!


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