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How to Record Videos Like a Pro

How to Record Videos Like a Pro

Videos are a key element of any content marketing strategy. But don’t worry, you don’t need a team of videographers to reap the benefits — anyone can record videos for business.

So pull up a director’s chair and put on your Ron Howard baseball cap and let’s explore how you can create videos for your business without breaking the bank.

Video Options and Tools

Believe it or not, most of your staff already has one of the best video recording options on them right now…yep, a smartphone!  True story!  Today’s smartphones have amazing quality cameras, so keep this in mind as an option when you’re considering recording action videos outside or around the office.  Plus, they provide a more personal, ‘real’ feel to your videos which consumers respond to positively.

Many social platforms offer free video options which include voice changing options, music, and filters.  Try them out, channel your inner-YouTubers, and see which ones work best for your business:

There are also tons of video editing tools and software available for use.  Check out this list and find the one that works best with your business (there are even some free options).

Video Recording Tips

When it comes time to record, here are few tips and best practices to consider:

  • Lighting – No one wants to watch a dark video unless it’s a slasher movie, so ensure you have ample light when recording.  Natural lighting is best as it will convey a more realistic and less staged-feeling video (hint…consumers like that — just ask all those successful YouTubers).
  •  Audio – Audio quality is hugely important, so before you film the final take, do several tests to ensure that your audio quality is up to par.
  • Graphics – While I’m sure whoever your company chooses to be on camera will be dashing, remember that just watching someone talk is boring.  Break up all the yadda, yadda, yadda with fun graphics.  You can also tie your video to social media and landing pages through the graphics you use.
  • Resolution – Higher resolution means great definition and better overall video quality, something to keep in mind when you’re recording.
  • Plan – Even if you aren’t going to fully script your video, have a plan in place before you start rolling.  Decide what you want to talk about and where you’re going to record (and if it’s going to be an action, travel around the office bit, clear a path and alert everyone before you start recording).

Your videos can be tutorials, demonstrations, or even just fun ‘get to know us’ type videos.  You want videos that your audience will respond to and that are shareable, so think outside of the box and have some fun with your video concepts.  Ready?  Action!

Looking for additional resources or support with your business video recordings?  Contact SBOS Web Solutions and let our team of video professionals help you create amazing video content that your customers will watch and share.

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