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How Successful Entrepreneurs Start the Day

How Successful Entrepreneurs Start the Day

Early in life, I learned two phrases that have formed some of the grounding principles of my life:

  • If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  • How you start your day is how your day will go.

As my career has progressed and I’ve done the obligatory studying of other successful entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed a pattern with how each of them starts their days.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Entrepreneurs Start Earlier Than Everyone Else

Believe it or not, most entrepreneurs subscribe to the Benjamin Franklin school of thought of ‘early to bed, early to rise.’  Okay, so maybe that’s only half of the driving force behind getting up earlier — if you love what you do, odds are you can’t sleep anyway and can’t wait to jump in a get your day started!

Regardless of your driving force for it, getting up early and getting a jump start on your day allows you to ease into things and not rush.  Your brain will have time to warm-up and calmly prepare for the day ahead.

Entrepreneurs are Grateful

Yep, turns out Oprah is on to something when it comes to gratitude!  And it’s not just Oprah — gratitude is something that many successful entrepreneurs practice daily.  Whether you do it via a gratitude journal or during meditation, taking time to acknowledge at least one thing you are grateful for each morning is an excellent way to start your day.

Not only does this practice put things into perspective, but it also sends a “wow, thank you!” message to the Universe — which, let’s face it, giving the Universe a bit of props and respect can only help your cause, right?

Entrepreneurs Have a Routine

To be clear, being a creature of habit and having a routine are two different things.  Having a routine doesn’t mean you aren’t flexible and able to adjust based on life.  Having a routine, in this instance, means when you get up, you know you’re going to enjoy coffee on the deck while meditating on what you’re grateful for or you take time to read a passage or two from an uplifting text, then hit the gym, catch a spot of breakfast, and head into the office.

Creating a routine is another great way to ease into the morning because your senses know what’s coming and your body is given a chance to ease into the day.

A calming routine is an excellent way to set the stage for a great day!

Entrepreneurs Find Motivation

So many entrepreneurs advise against turning off your alarm and heading straight for your inbox.  Why?  Well, because let’s face it, no one wants to start their day with negativity or stress.  To ease into the day, set the tone with something uplifting and motivational.

Find a favorite website, podcast, blog or book that you can turn to each morning and start your day with some positive inspiration or a good laugh.  You’ll be surprised how a good mood can set the tone for an amazing day ahead.

Now, who’s ready to start tomorrow off successfully?


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