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Guest Blogging and SEO: Still Alive and Viable

Guest Blogging and SEO: Still Alive and Viable

By now, everyone understands that content is a requirement for getting found online.  However, many people have given lip service to guest blogging and the importance of search engine optimization lately.  They think that the search engines don’t give them credit any longer.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s just not true!  The viability of guest blogging and search engine optimization are alive and kicking and should be part of your online content strategy.  Here are a few reasons why we feel both are still critical for digital marketing success.

Guest Blogging for Backlinks

First thing’s first — guest blogging is a bad idea if you’re only in it for the backlink.  Wait, what?  Okay, hear us out on this one.

If you’re only focused on obtaining a backlink, chances are you won’t be focused on the content or where it’s placed.  You might also be tempted to repurposes content on a variety of sites.  If this is your game plan, then we advise you just step away from the keyboard.

However, if you’re looking to create meaningful content and have a general interest or connection to the websites you’ll be guest blogging for, then well done you — clearly you understand the right way to guest blog and build backlinks!  If you partner with the right websites, you’ll also find that your backlinks will be around for a long time to come.

Guest Blogging for Relationships

By now you surely understand that business is all about relationships — the relationships you build with your customers, your community, and other businesses.  When you are searching for a company to guest blog with, ask yourself if this partnership would be a good relationship for your business before reaching out to them.

If you’re a restaurant, for example, reaching out to a chiropractor’s office probably wouldn’t make for the best partnership.  However, if you were to reach out to a local chamber of commerce or culinary school, you could form a great connection and create a backlink opportunity that makes sense for your brand.

Guest Blogging for SEO

There are those who think SEO is overrated and that you’ll get more bang for your buck running online ads.  While online ads can be hugely beneficial, nothing beats a well-devised SEO strategy for long-term, organic digital marketing success.

First off, ads will only benefit your business while they are running — once they finish, so does their impact.  Secondly, running ads can be costly if that’s all your counting on for search ranking results.

Whereas well-developed, evergreen content on a website will provide continual positive search ranking results.  The only caveat is that you have to continue to feed the beast — one amazing blog isn’t going to keep you at the top of search results forever.  You’ll need to create a content strategy and stick to it in order to continue to reap the rewards that come from search engine optimization.

Don’t have the time to make the connections or create the meaningful content you need to successful guest blog?  Not to worry — our team is here to help!  Contact us and let us create and implement a strategy for successful guest blogging for your business.



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