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Corporate Website Designs We Love

Corporate Website Designs We Love

Your website serves multiple purposes.  From presenting information about your company and your company’s culture to serving as a sales portal and customer support line, your website is a critical part of your overall company digital presence.

It’s not surprising that website design can have a huge impact on your bottom-line and online reputation.

There are a set of standard elements every website needs like main navigation and a sitemap.  And there are a ton of additional elements you can add to improve overall performance like search engine optimization, site tagging, and online support.  But above all else, good website design is the one thing that all websites need.

Good website design will immediately engage the consumer and envoke an emotional reaction.  Great website design is shareable and will have the consumer coming back for more!

Let’s take a look at a few websites that we think have nailed it when it comes to great website design.

Website Designs That Rock!

Here are five websites that we think capture the elements of great website design and overall user experience.

The Wonderful Company

With a brand that covers so many products and supports multiple charities and local projects, The Wonderful Company has done, well, a wonderful job of telling their story the moment the user lands on the home page.

The slow auto-scroll moves through stunning visuals promoting their products, services, and philanthropic activities.  The center panel clearly states the company values and lets you know immediately who they are.

While it’s not standard, the use of the traditional footer area for the main navigation works beautifully with this website design as it follows the eye’s natural movement when reading the page.


Fresh Fonks

website design

In one of the coolest displays of minimalist website design we’ve seen, outside of Apple, Fresh Fonts is visually stunning and utterly simplistic.

By putting the products front and center, they become the stars and the natural call-to-action for the user.


Maker’s Mark

website design

What Maker’s Mark does here is truly elegant.  The moment you land on the website you get a sense of the steep history and luxury that goes along with this preeminent brand.

The call-to-action is clear and the moving visual instantly catches the eye and promotes user engagement.

The website design also clearly displays the other actions Maker’s Mark wants users to take on the website.  Everything is clear, clean, and classic.



website designWe love this website from Leadfeeder for its throwback feel and visual appeal.  You instantly know what they offer and are given a glimpse of their software.

The colors are cool and inviting, the call-to-action is prominently displayed, and the navigation is clearly visible.

They also designed this website with responsive design.  It moves fluidly from computer display screen to a mobile device without sacrificing UX.  No matter the display platform, the website remains easy to use.



website designWhat we love about the Mensch website design is how they played with shapes and layering to give a stagnant page movement.  The waves they created with the design draw in the eye and naturally carry it to the main call-to-action.

They’ve also stuck with a calming color combination of green and blue.   This website design proves you don’t have to have a ton of bells and whistles on your site for it to be beautiful and engaging.

Ready to take your website from good to great?   Contact SBOS Web Solutions and let us create a website that is engaging, shareable, and will get your company noticed!

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