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Why Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

Why Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

Your company has a website and it’s performed well to this point.  That’s awesome!  But, uhm, how long ago did you build your website?  If it’s been more than two years, then perhaps it’s time for a website redesign.

This idea comes as a surprise to many companies, especially if they think their website is running just fine.  Well, it might be just fine, but what if you could make it perform even better and create amazing results?  A fresh website can achieve this goal!

You might be skeptical, and that’s understandable. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore the signs that it might be time and some of the benefits your company could reap from undergoing a website redesign.

Signs You Need a Website Redesign

St Louis website redesignThe number one sign your website needs a redesign is user engagement.  Are your user engagement numbers seeing a decline?  How do your mobile engagement numbers look?  If you aren’t performing well in both categories, then it’s time for a redesign.

Does your website take more than 3-seconds to load?  Is your navigation long and cumbersome?  If so, then you are in need of a website redesign.  Slow load times and overcomplicated navigation frustrate users and turn potential consumers away faster than you can say click here!

If your website looks outdated then it’s time for a web refresh.  Consumers are leery of websites that appear to be outdated.  An outdated website tells the consumers your brand isn’t strong, that your company doesn’t care, or that perhaps the website is a fake.

Is it difficult or tedious to update copy on your website?  Does your website align with your current marketing strategy?  If not, then it’s time for a website redesign.  You need consistently updated copy to compete in the search engine optimization game, and if your marketing message doesn’t match your website, then it is presenting a disjointed message to your consumers.

Benefits of Website Redesign

St Louis web designOne of the biggest benefits to a website redesign is that you can make it mobile-friendly by making it responsive, which will open your website up to a growing mobile-only population of consumers.

Building upon the mobile benefits, overall UX design is critical.  Consumer behavior online changes continually, so you want to ensure your website is offering the most up-to-date best practices in UX design.

A website with well executed UX design also offers the benefit of faster loading times and cleaner navigation.  Both of which means better user engagement and more opportunity for you to connect with potential consumers.  Additionally, a freshly designed website will also strengthen your brand by presenting an updated and current appearance.

A well-designed website is one of the most effective marketing tools your business has at its disposal. Make the most of it by keeping it updated and easy to use.

Not sure if your website needs a redesign?  Contact SBOS Web Solutions for a free website audit and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to improve your overall website performance and bottom line.


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